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Sep 27

How to Make Crochet Minion Hat

If you have watched ‘Despicable Me’, you must be familiar with Minions. They are cute and adorable and kids absolutely adore them! So, what makes them so special and adorable, anyway?

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Sep 24

The most heartbreaking video – Tiny Miracles

A grateful group of parents and their children show a beloved NICU nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia how much her loving care was appreciated in their time of need.

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Sep 24

The Funniest Video Ever – Guilty Dog


Mans’ best friend seem to have no problem ratting out their friends. Share with friends, make them laugh too.  

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Sep 22

How to Make Jelly Shots Eyeballs for Halloween

Halloween is not only about  horror costumes, Halloween is also about horror snacks and other food. To present the horror food appearance, you can make Jelly Shots EyeBalls. No one will be interested to try it if you make it with these following steps. Just kidding, sure they will be interested

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Aug 15

Homemade Rainbow Cake Roll Recipe

Are you running out of ideas for what to make for a sweet snack at home? In this post, I am going to share an easy and quick way to make a rainbow cake for the whole family. Everyone loves cake, especially kids, giving them a little sweet treats for a snack will be a …

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Jul 27

How to Make Minions Pancakes

  This is as awesome as it can be. You should try it for yourself and with a steady hand and a little bit of creativity maybe you can pull this one off. Otherwise, just enjoy in this video and don’t forget to show it to your friends. Pure art.

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Jul 08

How To Make Icecream Without Milk or Cream – Healthy Version

Maybe you can’t tolerate milk products or you are allergic to them… Maybe you are on a diet right now, maybe you just want to eat more healthy desserts.

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Jul 04

3 Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

You clicked on this link, because you want to look beautiful, right? Guess what, you are already beautiful! But still, take a look at these three tips and remember them forever.

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