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Feb 21

Yeast Roses With Cheese and Almonds Recipe

One cute recipe your family will love. I would never in a million years come up with a combination of these two ingredients (come one, cheese and almonds together in a dessert?), but trust me, the final result is mind blowingly delicious.

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Feb 15

How to Cut a Pepper Like a Pro

Crazy. Never knew that one. And you? Ever tried it this way? I always did this task in the same way, probably the way you do it too but my way was bad, because a lot of pepper was thrown away, since I couldn’t cut it properly.

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Feb 12

How to Make a Grocery Bag Out of a T-Shirt

Learn how you can turn an old T-shirt into a reusable grocery bag. It’s super easy and environmentally friendly too! Now that’s Good to Know!

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Feb 08

Pizza on a Stick – Something Kids Will Love

I am a great fan of Pizza. My favourite flavours are sea pizza, classical and meat one. I go out with my family on a pizza sometimes but usually I make it at home. I like the taste, the crunchy corner and the fact I can totally exaggerate with toppings.

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Feb 04

DIY Wine Glass Candle Lampshades

One cool idea for today. Turn your ordinary wine glasses into chic table decoration. Perfect for all special occasions, summer, winter parties, holidays or just normal Sunday lunch.

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Feb 02

How to Make DIY Knitted Stool – Patterns

This is just awesome. I found some other versions of these puffy stools, but all of them were quite expensive, so I knew I had to find a way to make these stools cheaper. DIY way.

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Jan 30

Awesome Car Designs

I am typical woman, who thinks cars are no more than a necessity to get from one place to another. But my spouse is a typical man. He is a car maniac. For him it’s all about cars. The whole world exists just so we can see, have and drive cars. Beautiful rivers, cold winter …

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Jan 29

DIY Cat Tent – Easy 3 Steps

My cat Lucy is such a lady. I know all cats lie on the floor all day and do nothing at all, except yawning if they have a little spare time during their hard, busy day. But my Lucy. Well, she is all that, just multiplied by million times.

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