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Aug 24

Carved Apple Swan Tutorial

Did you know that you can turn a single piece of apple into a magnificent swan? In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make the carved apple swan.


First, pick out an apple that looks good. It doesn’t have to be a red apple, but as long as it’s healthy and plump.

Cut the apple in half diagonally, passing through the core. If done correctly, you should see the seeds of the apple. Don’t throw them away because you’ll need them. Set them aside for now.

carved apple swan tutorial

Take out the side with the bottom attached and place it face down on a cutting board. Place two butter knives perpendicular to the top and bottom part of the apple. Cut down on one of the apple until the knife reaches the makeshift spacer that are your butter knives. Do not hit the core of the apple. Use the spacers and cut the apple from the side. When the two cuts meet, you’ll have an apple wedge that’s perfectly cut out. Do the same thing to the other side.

With the two wedges, do the same thing with the butter knives and cut out two more L-shaped wedges a quarter inch thick. But instead of cutting at the side, flip the apple and cut downwards so it meets at the bottom with the first cut. A new apple wedge should break free. Repeat this process a few more times until it becomes thin enough.

Stagger the wedges along, much like a Russian doll. Place the small wedge in the outermost corner of the bigger one, and do the same to the other ones. You’ll get a beautifully layered wing. Do the rest for the other big wedge and you’ll have a pair of wings. Attach these two wings to the main apple core and you’ll have the body with wings. To make a place for the head, cut out a small wedge at the front part of the body-apple and make a deep groove. Be careful that you don’t break it.

Grab the other piece of the apple and place it on the butter knives. This time, they’ll act as spacers to give you an even cut from the bottom. Repeat this process three or four times, so you’ll have three or four different sizes of layers.

To make the head, grab the layer which closely resembles a heart and make three angled cuts from the bottom. Two of these cuts should meet halfway and resemble a pizza-like cut. The third cut is done of the opposite side of these two cuts. Remember those two apple seeds? Place them on the head and they’ll act as eyes. Drop the head onto the groove and you’re done.:))