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Aug 25

Special Baby Photography You Can Do At Home

First time parents will do anything to savour their first child. They will create scrapbooks and albums that contain their son or daughter’s first moments like first steps, first pair of booties, and many other firsts.

But there are also those that take this to the next step by taking a photograph of their baby with a touch of style and creativity.

Whether you own a digital point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR camera, these 3 awesome tips will help you capture your child’s beautiful moments.

 a     Make beautiful impromptu photo corner. Do you have any beautiful bed sheets with intricate designs? You can pin them up on the wall to serve as a background for your photo sessions. To keep your baby still within the area, try to scatter his or her toys around. This will distract them long enough for you to get a couple of shots. You can also take advantage of the beautiful garden outside your home or anywhere scenic

          To make your baby look at the camera, have mommy or daddy right underneath the photographer. Call the baby’s name just as you’re about to shoot to capture the moment. I know it’s going to be difficult, so timing’s everything. If you want to make them come to the camera, dangle their toys in front of them.

       Candid shots are also beautiful, though they are quite difficult. Set your camera to snap in milliseconds. This would be the equivalent of the SPORTS feature in your cameras that allows you to capture movement without blurring.  For DSLRs, you can tinker with the shutter speed (you can read about them online).

But wait!

You can also make your baby dress up in fantastic costumes, as long as they’re aged between 6 months and 24 months. Why the age limit? This is because most of the costumes sold online or in stores cater to babies of those ages, but if your baby fits snugly into those costumes, the better.


Here are 10 tips for a baby session.

1. Keep the baby warm

2. Full belly equals a happy baby

3. Stay calm and relaxed

4. Get them while they are young

5.  Take your time

6. Keep them safe

7. Keep your camera close

8.  Keep shooting

9.  Find the light and use it, if not, add your own

10. Enjoy




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