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Jan 21

How to Make Your Kid’s Meals Interesting and Fun

Parents know just how important it is to feed our toddlers and young children, and it can be a veeeeeeeery difficult task  :D . At a certain age, children become picky eaters to the point of shunning their most favourite food.

When they reach pre-school, it becomes more difficult for us to keep track of their child’s appetite at school, so how can you keep meals fun for your little ones?

fun dinnerAs a parent, I have tried these very fun-tastic ideas for kid’s meals:

     Kids love to be rewarded, and when I have to make them eat something difficult like vegetables, I make sure that I reward them for their effort. To make it even more fun, I make it as a surprise like a scoop of their favourite ice cream or a bar of chocolate. It also makes kids want to eat vegetables more during the succeeding meals.

food decoration for kids

         Make your kid’s sandwiches a lot more fun by making them look like their favourite cartoon characters. For example, I can cut off what looks like an ordinary piece of bread into the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. Her eyes will be raisins, her whiskers thin strands of liquorice or thin vegetable slices to make it healthier, her nose a plump of grape. Test your creativity, or if you want, you can go look up awesome sandwich ideas on the Internet.

         Make your children’s food more bearable. There’s probably a reason why your son or daughter hates that plate of broccoli you serve every night, so why not find out for yourself? Remember that kids have more sensitive taste buds because they are not ruined yet by cigarettes or alcohol. If your kid says that the broccoli is a bit icky, there’s probably something that makes it icky. If it actually offends your palate, make the dish sweeter or more bearable.

food art

Children between the ages of 2 and 7 are at their crucial growing stage, so it’s important that they get the nutrients that they need by eating right. By doing the steps above, you are not only making meal times fun, but you’re making your child healthier.

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