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Jan 20

Make your Own Slip n’ Slide

We’ve all seen videos where people take this thin pieces of plastic sheet that they splash with water and then use them to slide down on their bellies. This is called the Slip N’ Slide because it’s exactly what you do with it – you slip on it and then slide on it. Walmart has got these, but why spend more than you have to? So, how about making your own Slip N’ Slide?

You will need:

·       Extra Heavy Duty 6 mil Plastic Sheeting

·       Fabric Pegs

·       Hose with or without Sprinkle

·       Dish Soap or any liquid soap (optional)

·       Oil (optional / alternative to soap)


Lay out the plastic sheeting on a flat and smooth surface outside your house. I don’t advise using this on a rocky or sandy area. The grass is necessary because it acts as a lubricant and maximizes the speed of the slider. Clear out the rocks and other bulges because these will cause injuries.

Once you’re done, spill running water down the sheet. You can make use of a hose and place it at the starting point, just like the water flows evenly from the top of every water slide. Make sure the water is all over the sheet, or at least on the area where the people are supposed to slide on.

For added lubrication and slipperiness, you can make use of dish soap or any liquid soap on the surface of the slide. The only thing that will probably ruin your day is if it gets into your eyes. You can also use oil, like sunflower oil or soya oil, if you don’t have any liquid soap. Most people are satisfied with just running water, but those who are looking for more thrill, can use soap or oil.

Parental warning: you should always prioritize safety as Slip N’ Slides can cause minor injuries like bruises and surface burns and major injuries like a broken neck. And of course, be careful if the sun is too hot, ’cause the sheets will be too!