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Feb 08

How to Make your Own Snow Ice Cream

The last couple of weeks have been dreadful for people living in the northern hemisphere, like the USA. With the recent Polar Vortex phenomenon, several cities have been buried neck deep in snow.

While others waddled in sorrow, there were those that took advantage of the situation by making a delectable dessert out of nature’s goodness called the snow ice cream.

Here’s what you need to do.

snow icecream
Grab at least 4 to 5 cups of clean snow. You’ll know snow is clean if you get it from the surface. Don’t dig all the way to the bottom or at least close enough that you see the ground. Skim across the snow until you’ve gathered enough. Store them in your freezer if you want while moving on with the next step.
Next, prepare 1 cup of milk, ½ teaspoon of vanilla, and ½ cup of sugar. Mix all three ingredients in until the sugar is completely dissolved. For added flavour, you can add in chocolate syrup or powder to the mix as long as you don’t replace milk. Once you’ve got your mixture ready, it’s time to put in the snow. Mix it up until it becomes as thick as ice cream. If you want a more solid product, you can put this is the freezer and consume later.

snow and icecream
What are other variations?
In lieu of chocolate and vanilla, you can make use of flavouring products or juices. You know, the same juice that your parents used when they make homemade popsicles. Be sure that they are in powder form so you will really get a good and strong flavour. If you want your ice cream to be more flavourful, you can increase the number of cups that you want, like instead of 1 cup of milk or chocolate powder, you can add half a cup.