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Feb 14

Many Uses of Toothpaste

You will be amazed how many uses your toothpaste have. A lot more than only brushing your teeth. Can you name one before reading this article? How many could you guess? Try some of these ideas and tell me if you tried any of them already. 

1. Relieve irritation from sores, bug bites and blisters.

2. Make your diamond rings or jewelry shine.
3. Put paste on a damp sponge to wipe crayon off walls.
4. Clean ceramic cook tops.
5. Scrub nails with a nailbrush and a little toothpaste if you want them to shine. 
6. Patch a small drywall hole with toothpaste.
7. Make your shoes shine.
8. Clean your kitchen and bathroom taps
9. Fix scratched CDs with toothpaste
Do you know more uses? Please tell me in the comment section.
My favorite one is “crayons on wall” one and I can imagine all parents would fell the same. :) White walls are so cool to write on, right? :)