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Mar 07

Facebook Symbols we Can All Use

I just love Facebook. I am a Facebook maniac. Truth be told, I cannot get enough of this social media site. How should I, right. Tons of friends (ok, I admit, half of them I don’t even know in real life, but still fun), funny pictures, crazy videos, chat boards, mommy groups. Have to stop now, cause I can go on for hours. :)



It is where I interact with loved ones far away from home, where I chat with friends who are a hundred miles away or in a different timezone, and where I get to meet people who share my interests.

I love Facebook because it’s FREE. We can upload videos, photos, articles, and other pieces of important content for FREE.  What’s more is that you get to share it with the rest of your friends.

But it wouldn’t be as cool and interesting as it is because of all that funny emotions, that express how we feel at the moment. I personally don’t like hostages. Don’t quite get them. Or should I say #don’t #quite #get “them :D

But emoticons are a different story. So for all of you out there that feel the same, here is one awesome page for you to grab those icons you need and have a blast.

What would we ever do without Facebook?

Well, life would be pretty boring and since Facebook has already become an integral part of our communicative aspect of our life, I think it’s safe to say that it will be difficult if Facebook was to shut down.

So, today I am giving you some really awesome facebook symbols to use. Enjoy. :)

To use it, just copy and paste a symbol code below emoticon’s image. You don’t need to see the code correctly, it will still work. Here: Facebook symbols.