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Jul 20

10 Motivation Ideas for Weight Loss



1. Vegatable, fruit bags. Arm yourself with healthy snacks. Take these bags to work or school. No excuses.

10 Motivation Ideas for Weight LossPhoto credit: hartsspace.com

2. Weight Loss Jars. Move a stone for each pound/kg you have lost from one jar to another!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto credit: mysistersjar.wordpress.com

3. Eating plan. When you’re busy, it so easy to forget all about your diet . With these packed meals that cannot happen to you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto credit: trimhealth.biz

4. Daily work out plan. Great way to keep track of your progress.

daily work our
Photo credit: girlsguideto.com


5. Workout shelf. Keep your favorite jogging shoes, work out clothes on it. Grab them and goooooo out to do some work.

work out closetPhoto credit: bloglovin.com

6. Weight loss journal. Use it for keeping healthy recipes, cool exercises and motivational quotes along with your goals and successes.

weight loss journal

Photo credit: 30secondinstantabs.tk

7. Motivation wall for working out. Grab quotes, diet plans, anything and post it up to keep motivated!

motivation wallPhoto credit: backonpointe.tumblr.com

8. Work out jar. Put a dollar (or any other money) in a jar every time you work out, set a goal (like 100 dollars) then use this money to buy yourself something nice.

money work outPhoto credit: howtoloseweightwikihow.blogspot.co

9. Post-it note calendar. For every day you want to practice a new habit, put up a little flag on a visible wall. Then, rip a flag off for each successful day! Count it down.

Count Down

Photo credit: dailyburn.com

10. Water bomb. Very creative way to get your gallon of water a day.

water bombPhoto credit: Amanda Ferguson

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