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Jul 27

How to Make Jack Daniels Cupcakes

Us, grownups likes cupcakes too, right? Not only the ones with chocolate, fruit filling or vanilla cream. And we sometimes do have wild parties or just visits from friends and we need to bake something anyway. So why wouldn’t you try this cool recipe perfect for hot summer days or cold winter evenings.

How to make Jack Daniels cupcake

Photo credit: hugsandcookiesxoxo.com

So, the other day my best friend got her college degree and she invited all of her closest friends to celebrate this huge life achievement with her. She is just like me, always creative, finding new ways to do old things and she always manages to pull it through.
So, I knew even before I entered her front door, this party will rock. And it did. Can’t say I remember everything, we did after all celebrate something and were just adults presents, but I do remember what was THE BEST dessert possibly at that party. She had these cute looking, delicious cupcakes, that I adore anyway, but hers were filled with Jack Daniels liquid. Awesome, right? Jack Daniels cupcakes!!!

They are really easy to make and you don’t necessarily use Jack Daniels, you can use other stuff you like (I put a video at the end of this, so you can check it out), it will work just as fine. If you have a little spare time you can make little tags on the top, it looks more glamorous.

For the whole tutorial click HERE.

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