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Sep 29

Valentines Day Checkerboard Cake Tutorial

Valentines checkerboard cake

In our family – we all have a sweet tooth. We are actually crazy for sweets. We eat them every day but not those sugary industrial candies, full with additives and fake colours, or store chocolate that has more sugar in it than real cocoa. No. I bake. I search for new recipes, try my own, I experiment.

I like healthy ones but in my personal opinion if you use the whole wheat flour, fruit, eggs and just a little sugar everything can be healthy.
But. Sometimes there are these special occasions or you just want to make something that looks great and you do the unhealthy version. And it’s just fine. Cause we only live once!




I like cakes, biscuits, cake pops… You name it, I like it. But if you are just a little bit like me it’s not only the taste that matters, it’s the whole look of the dessert too.
Sometimes it’s more work and it doesn’t always go with the plan but practice makes everything better.
I found one awesome recipe for checkerboard cake. You can do it as the video suggests or find your own recipe. You can use ingredients you like.

To make it a little easier you can use the chess pan too, you can find it on Amazon, I talked about it the post about 16 “Must Have” Kitchen Gadgets

So, take a chance and try this awesome cake. It looks good, it tastes good. You can make Valentine’s version or regular one, it just depends what colours you will use.


Try this awesome Valentines day cake. It looks good, it tastes good. And your sweetheart will love it. Make this Valentines day a special one.