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Jan 29

DIY Cat Tent – Easy 3 Steps

cat tentMy cat Lucy is such a lady. I know all cats lie on the floor all day and do nothing at all, except yawning if they have a little spare time during their hard, busy day. But my Lucy. Well, she is all that, just multiplied by million times.

She is just not satisfied with lying just anywhere. Our couch is not enough good for her, our puffy carpet is just horrible according to her, and her pillow is boring. The only places she likes are our dogs pillow and my bed. So, our poor dog sure doesn’t want to share his beloved place, but when Lucy shows her claws, well guess who hides his tail under his legs? And my bed is MY bed. And from my husband, of course. Oh, yeah, and my two sons and my daughters occasionally. And now we should add one grumpy cat?

So I was thinking we should go and buy our Lucy a cosy place too. But since we are pretty creative in our family, and we all love DIY stuff, we decided to do the only logical thing for us – make it on our own. And we did. One great DIY cat tent. We took two clothes hangers, one old husbands T-shirt and a cardboard. We also used tape, pliers and a few safety pins.
And a cat of course, she was the main actor in this whole situation! And we played a little, making each other laugh and spent some quality time together. We all helped except our cat, of course. Even our dog Herman was trying to be useful (no success there, sorry Herm). And we did it. One awesome cat tent.
And you know what? She loved it in a second. Now she has her own place … Through the day. Guess where she is at evenings and at night? Yes, you guessed it right. On our dogs pillow and in my bed. Maybe we have to make her a bed of her own. But that’s a project for next time. Enjoy.