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Jan 25

Drawing an empty can of beans That Looks Like Real (Awesome Video)

Did you think it was a real can of beans in the photo too? I sure know I did. It totally surprised me to see this is actually a very realistic drawing.

I wish I would have a talent like this. I would be able to draw pictures for children’s books, make my own kid happy and decorate my walls with lovely drawings in cute frames.

Drawing is fun. We do it when we are little, but often stop when we grow up. Do you know anyone that is not an artist or doesn’t do it because of kids’ requests and still sits down, takes a piece of paper and creates a drawing, enjoying every second of it. I don’t.

Except this 3D hand drawing we all did. Remember? :D No no, admit, you tried it too.

I always enjoyed watching other people draw and I often tried it myself too. But it’s like that, you have the talent in you or you don’t. I don’t for instance :D

To start drawing like that, you will need:
– Empty piece of white paper
– A pencil
– Different colors… :)



LOL, just kidding, you cannot draw that, right? This man is awesome, applause to Italian artist Marcello Barenghi that creates these wonderful drawings everyone can enjoy in.

You can see more about this extremely talented artist HERE.

You will find all the details about him, his biography, tools he uses, how he draws and all the other fun stuff. He posts his new creations online quite often.
There are plenty (and I mean pleeeeenty of more great videos there also). Enjoy in his drawing.

Tell me, do you like to draw too? Are you good in it?Show this article to your friends and family, they will enjoy it too. :)