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Jan 24

“Let It Go” From Frozen Movie by Mom


Frozen movie. Ok, who didn’t watch it? I know I didn’t see it for at least four months after it has been released. I missed it when it was in the theaters, my kids have seen it before, so why would a grown up watch it on his own, right? :) But the other day my youngest son stayed home because of the flu and I have no idea what else to do to make our time to go by faster. Yes, we cuddled a little and baked cookies. We drew, sang songs and played board games. But time was still going slowly as a snail and I thought of this cartoon I never watched before. Until now.

It was an intense hour of laughter, fear and tears. It’s a really great movie. Sisters love, greedy king, loyalty, how people can misjudge others based on looks, magic and so on. The thing I liked the most was the song Let it go.

We were singing like crazy, dancing and enjoying ourself a little bit too much, cause the fever kicked in again :D His father was not very happy. He asked us, what we were doing but psssst, this will be our little secret till the very end. LOL.


So, while I was searching for a song on YouTube to hear it again later, I came across one parody I liked even more than the original one, because I could totally and I mean totally relate to it.
So, for all mothers (and fathers of course) out there, here is the Frozen movie theme song, but in a little different version. Enjoy.

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This is just awesome and funny :D
I love it.