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Jan 21

How to Peel Garlic – Life Hack

how-to-easily-peel-garlic-in-less-than-10-secondsI love to cook. My husband and my kids always say I am doing it quite well. I think the main conditions to make delicious meal are times you are willing to spend behind pots and dishes, the effort you put in and ingredients. But the cherry on the top are spices you use.

I love all sorts of spices – you name them, I use them. I love them because they are the reason of the flavor of the dish at the end.

Garlic is one of my favorite spices. I don’t like to use the dry one though. Yeah, it’s cool if you are in a rush or don’t have the fresh one available, but still – it can’t compare to the taste real garlic gives me.

But … Yes, there is always one but and I am sure you know what this »but« is about. The smell and the effort required to peel the skin off. Can somebody just kill me, please? Why can’t there be garlic without peel available, for God’s sake?! I would be the first to buy it.

Just the other day I was preparing lunch for my boys. Sweet potatoes and pork chops in sauce. Everything was fine until I grabbed the garlic. I was so fed up of thinking of peeling it for the next ten minutes and the thought of my smelly hands gave me a headache for the next three hours. So I went online (we all do this anyway, while we are cooking, studying, vacuuming … Right? :D ) and searched for a solution. And I am happy to say – I found it. A fantastic one I am sharing with you right now.

Once you tried it, you will never go back to the old way.

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