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Feb 15

How to Cut a Pepper Like a Pro

How to Cut a Pepper jpg

Crazy. Never knew that one. And you? Ever tried it this way?

I always did this task in the same way, probably the way you do it too but my way was bad, because a lot of pepper was thrown away, since I couldn’t cut it properly.

So I am happy to show you this cool and unique way of cutting pepper.

I love green, red and yellow pepper. I cook with it, I use it for salad with tomatoes and eat it raw.
It has a lot of vitamin C, so it is also great for your health.

How to:

Just start at the top and cut just a tiny bit of it. Do the same with the bottom. Now place your knife in the middle and cut it, you can then peel the inside with the knife. When done, just take the uneatable part out of the top and cut the pepper into pieces.
You are done.