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Feb 08

Pizza on a Stick – Something Kids Will Love

Pizza on a stick recipe

I am a great fan of Pizza. My favourite flavours are sea pizza, classical and meat one. I go out with my family on a pizza sometimes but usually I make it at home. I like the taste, the crunchy corner and the fact I can totally exaggerate with toppings.

My three kids are fans too. So every time we have a kids pool party or a birthday one, they ask me to make them pizzas. I usually make three of them and slice them so every kid can get a slice. But this year I tried something different. I made them pizza on a stick. I was the coolest mom ever. Kids loved it. It’s like cake pops pizza.

Yes, I admit, there is a little bit of work but what we don’t do to make our little ones happy, right? And if they are old enough, they can help too. If you have kids with allergy you can make them different version. Or make ten different toppings. It’s up to you, the sky is the limit.

So maybe you should try too and make your kids and their friends one awesome party they will talk about for years.