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Sep 22

How to Make Jelly Shots Eyeballs for Halloween

jello shots

Halloween is not only about  horror costumes, Halloween is also about horror snacks and other food. To present the horror food appearance, you can make Jelly Shots EyeBalls. No one will be interested to try it if you make it with these following steps. ;) Just kidding, sure they will be interested :D

How to make it:

To make Jelly Shots, you need to prepare 500 ml vodka, food coloring, condensed milk, gelatin, Chocolate topping, and Grenadine. The first thing that you have to make are the inner eyes. We call it pupils. You also need to prepare two ice cubes.
Mix two tablespoon of gelatin with half cup of vodka, take two injection of it and put in the small glass. Then, put one drop of food coloring until the small glass looks completely blue. (Choose the blue color for it.) Add water in it too and pour few of it in the ice cube. Choose the bullet shape of the ice cube. Put it in the freezer for a while.
Next step is to prepare the retina. In the other hand, you need to pour 395 g condensed milk and mix it with grenadine. Stir it and add vodka until 16 Oz. Take pupils from freezer and add chocolate topping on the top of it. Pour the mixing milk on the other ice cube and stick it with the other ice cube, which contained with the gelatin. Put it in the freezer for two to four hours.  After everything is already on the plate, you can add red food coloring on the top of the jelly shots to make it looked more bloody.

how to make jelly shots
It will be the best Jelly shots ever for Halloween. It can be the best dessert or appetizer if you want to serve it first. What do you think of it? It is the best meal ever for Halloween.


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