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Oct 25

Stitched Mouth Tutorial (Halloween)

How to Make Stitched Mouth

Halloween is the time when you can explore your creative side. You can get many different ideas on YouTube. Since making just a costume became too boring, you need to find something more scary. Stitched mouth is one of the coolest creativity for Halloween ever. It looks very painful, so one plus point more for your make up idea.

Steps to do it :

Stitching mouth for Halloween does not mean that you have to do the real stitch, so don’t be afraid. :D You just have to make it look like real stitches. You need to prepare some glue, lip pen in red and light brown color, foundation, sponge and black sewing thread. You can get all of them in any store.

First, you need to put on the foundation and flat it with the sponge. Next, measure the thread size from the tip of your upper lip to the bottom of your bottom lip. Make the thick thread; you can stick it with the glue to keep it thick. Now you need to put your glue like shown in the video below.

You will look totally awesome with this tutorial. It will seem like you stitched your mouth for real. However, the down thing is – no more talking for you, since the stitches can loosen up :D