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Nov 08

How to Make Healthy Gummy Bears


Home made gummy bear

We all love those gummy candies… Especially gummy bears. We loved them when we were kids and now our kids love them.. But, as a mother, I have a problem with giving it to them, since they are full of artificial colors and flavors, sugar and all the other chemistry… So, I was thinking… We should make our own version of healthy gummy bears. And we did. Healthy one, no fat, no artificial colors, no sugar, no chemistry…

Make your own juice (from fresh or frozen fruit) and only add honey for better taste. I will show you one video tutorial when you will learn how to make five different flavors, honey bears, cherry bears, apple bears, raspberry bears… You can make other flavours too, just don’t use kiwi or pineapple because they don’t mix ok with the gelatin.

For a vegetarian/vegan alternative to gelatin, you can try agar agar powder.

You can buy the bear mold HERE.