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Feb 02

How to Make Chocolate leaves

How to make chocolate leaves

Combining cooking and nature, what a great idea.
You will need leaves, use rose, lemon or basil ones. Be careful though, do NOT use poisonous leaves!

Take your favorite chocolate, brown, dark or white one. You can add mint or lemon too (for the taste). Carefully wash and dry leaves. When prepared and clean, take your pastry brush and gently brush a little bit of chocolate on the leaves. They have to be completely covered, but be careful, DO NOT put chocolate on the corners, put it only on the surface, because you will have problems removing the chocolate later otherwise.

Put the leaves in the fridge until they’ve solidified. Take them out of the fridge and put another layer of melted chocolate on the top of the first one. Put in the fridge again until they are cool. Once they are, peel the leaves away from the chocolate, starting from the stem end.


ENJOY making chocolate leaves!