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Dec 04

Best Father and Daughter Photography Ever

Best dad ever. From his page: When my daughter Alice Bee was born in 2010, I knew that I wanted to document her life creatively and put together a collection of photos that she would treasure as an adult.

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Dec 04

Rainbow Pinata Cake

This is just pure awesomeness! Surprise your family and friends when they cut into this colorful decorated rainbow cake and candy spills out just like a real piñata.

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Nov 22

Dog Rides a Bike Video – Must Share

Norman, the Scooter Dog, lives in the US and has learned to ride a bicycle. “He just jumped on the kids’ scooter and learned how to balance. He was born a natural, Norman’s “mom” Karen Cobb told the Huffington Post.

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Nov 18

Pinocchio Cookies

One very cool idea to do for or with your little ones. Who doesn’t like Pinnochio? And name me a kid that doesn’t like cookies. So put these two together and you get awesome Pinnochio cookies.

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Nov 17

20 Awesome Christmas and Winter Cookies Recipes

I gathered 20 great Christmas recipes in one place. Try them all and let me know how it went. Enjoy. Share share share with your friends.

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Nov 02

8 Water Tricks That Will Melt Your Mind

You got to try them all with your kids. They will love these awesome tricks. I would say this is pure magic. Share with friends.

Sep 29

Valentines Day Checkerboard Cake Tutorial

In our family – we all have a sweet tooth. We are actually crazy for sweets. We eat them every day but not those sugary industrial candies, full with additives and fake colours, or store chocolate that has more sugar in it than real cocoa. No. I bake. I search for new recipes, try my …

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Sep 26

17 Natural Weight Loss Hacks That Really Help

Weight… We all have a problem with it. Magic pills, tea that supposedly does wonders, slimming drinks… Blah, I’ll pass, thank you. I only believe in natural ways for losing weight and so I found this perfect post from another blog and decided to share it with you guys.

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