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Tag Archive: dessert

Feb 02

How to Make Chocolate leaves

Combining cooking and nature, what a great idea. You will need leaves, use rose, lemon or basil ones. Be careful though, do NOT use poisonous leaves!

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Feb 01

How to Make European Doughnuts

Doughnuts are (in my opinion) one of the best desserts in the world. The best ones are the ones we make ourself. Only very skilful housewives have the knowledge to make them delicious and nice looking at the same time. Well, I’ve never been one of them. European doughnuts are hard to make.

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Jan 03

The 2 Minutes Microwave Chocolate Souffle (Molten Lava Cake)

Easy, fast and the right portion. I love it. Microwave Chocolate Souffle. Recipe: 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon unsalted butter

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Dec 12

How to Make Santa’s Hat Cake Pops

If you love Christmas as I do, you are always looking for new ideas that are anyhow related to it. So I found this great Santa’s hat cake pops tutorial for my fellow Christmas lovers. Enjoy.

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Nov 18

Pinocchio Cookies

One very cool idea to do for or with your little ones. Who doesn’t like Pinnochio? And name me a kid that doesn’t like cookies. So put these two together and you get awesome Pinnochio cookies.

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Nov 17

20 Awesome Christmas and Winter Cookies Recipes

I gathered 20 great Christmas recipes in one place. Try them all and let me know how it went. Enjoy. Share share share with your friends.

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Jul 21

30 Awesome Ideas for Kids Recipes and Crafts

From Banana bread to Caramel apple cookies. You will  find recipes for Caterpillar snack wrap, watermelon lemonade and homemade Doritos. Summer is all about fun, so let’s take a look at some interesting crafts for kids, like a treasure box and DIY train table.

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Jul 10

Lemon-Lime Meringue Pie

Any of you here that loves pies? I thought so What about lime and lemon and that awesome sour sweet taste? I found this great recipe that I need to share with you.

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