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Tag Archive: DIY

Jul 23

$8 DIY Air Conditioner with Video Tutorial

It’s hot outside, even worse inside. Not all of us have money for expensive air conditioners. So I found one you can make on your own and the awesome part is, it will only cost you 8 dollars. Even if you are not very handy you will be able to make one of these cool …

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Jul 21

30 Cool Summer DIY Projects

Sewing outdoor pillows, hanging basket makeover, s‘more dessert bar, chalkboard painted pots, cupcake stand, should I continue? I named few of them, but if you read further you can check all 30 of them. Enjoy.

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Jul 20

How to Make DIY Laundry Basket Dresser

The easiest way to get any new furniture is to get in the store. But I am not a huge fan of that kind of furniture, I love the one I make it. It takes a little time, yes. It takes a little effort and sometimes it costs some money too, but when you look …

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Jul 15

20 Awesome Ideas to Decorate a Blank Wall

Reclaimed wood string art, incredible chalkboards, recycled photo frames and more. I found 20 ideas to decorate your blank wall and to me, they all look just awesome. And the coolest part? They are inexpensive.

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Jul 08

How to Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

I found one really cool idea that is also perfect for summer time and hot weather. I know, you see ice on the photo and wonder what could ice and summer have in common, but that’s the trick

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Jan 20

Make your Own Slip n’ Slide

We’ve all seen videos where people take this thin pieces of plastic sheet that they splash with water and then use them to slide down on their bellies. This is called the Slip N’ Slide because it’s exactly what you do with it – you slip on it and then slide on it. Walmart has …

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Jan 16

Owl Hat Patterns Newborn To Adult Size

Owl hat patterns? Crazy You have probably seen these hats around before. I sure know I did. They just look so cute to me! Can’t say I personally would wear them, but I can tell you one thing for sure. My son is getting one ASAP!

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Jan 12

Knitting And Crochet Patterns For Kids With Video Tutorial

Winter is here, days are getting colder. I  found this awesome and original pattern designs in knit and crochet. You can choose between beautiful designs, such as bear, fox and others. Share this idea with your friends, I am sure they will love it just as much as you do.

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