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Tag Archive: fun

Jun 28

Do you Know the Answer?

And the answer is (scroll down) :)) Tell me, were you right? Now, share with friends, make them think too :)) And trust me, I was wrong until I saw the answer.

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May 27

How to Make a Pink Zebra Cake

I found this great tutorial on how to make a pink zebra cake. Take a look at the video and try to make it. When you are done, please invite me to try it Deal?

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May 25

14 Life Hacks to Prepare You for the Summer of 2014


Here are some life hacks for this years summer! Some are just for fun, but some are really really useful. 1) Cold beer

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May 11

Extremely Tired Baby Fighting Sleep While Eating Funny Video

Babies are cute no matter what they do. Parents love to film them, but sometimes some really great moments are captured on film. This is one of them. This baby is super cute while trying to fight sleep although he can barely hold his eyes open.

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