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May 24

Most Touching Video That Will Make You Cry

I love to share good videos with you guys every now and then, so here is one for you <3 What do you think? Scroll down to the bottom and share it with friends.

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Jan 20

Make your Own Slip n’ Slide

We’ve all seen videos where people take this thin pieces of plastic sheet that they splash with water and then use them to slide down on their bellies. This is called the Slip N’ Slide because it’s exactly what you do with it – you slip on it and then slide on it. Walmart has …

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Jan 16

Owl Hat Patterns Newborn To Adult Size

Owl hat patterns? Crazy You have probably seen these hats around before. I sure know I did. They just look so cute to me! Can’t say I personally would wear them, but I can tell you one thing for sure. My son is getting one ASAP!

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