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Tag Archive: Skin

Jan 15

How to remove pesticides from fruits & vegetables DIY

An apple a day usually keeps the doctor away — unless it’s ridden with pesticides. Don’t want to eat fruits coated with toxins? Neither do we!

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Jan 02

Naturally Detox Your Body After Holidays

The holidays are over. I have to be honest and admit, it was crazy over here. Food and drinks all over, no workout, just fun. But it’s over now, time to do something for myself. If you feel the same, here is a great amount of fantastic tips to help you detox your body naturally.

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Jan 16

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin with Acne

A lot of people believe that you can only get acne when you have oily skin. In reality, acne can affect almost any kind of skin type, including dry skin.

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